Pending Applications


A pending zoning application is an application that has been submitted to Planning & Inspections, but a decision has not been rendered by the appropriate board.

The public is invited to attend the meetings. The  meeting will be held at the

Lincoln County Administration Building

353 N. Generals Blvd.
Lincolnton, NC 28092
Meeting begins at 6:30 pm

For more information, contact Planning & Inspections at (704) 736-8440.

Zoning cases are split into two categories, Quasi-Judicial and Legislative, with different rules and procedures applying to each. A simplified guide to the differences in the cases is available here. Please read prior to planning to speak at a public hearing.

Quasi-Judicial Cases

**Discussion with Board of County Commission members or Planning Board members prior to the hearing is not permitted.**

Zoning Number Applicant DescriptionHearing Date
PA #52
United Contracting Group, Inc.
A request for preliminary plat approval for a 20-lot residential subdivision. The 24-acre site is located on the west side of Lee Lawing Road immediately south of North Lincoln High School in Ironton Township.
SUP #438
Brian Richardson
A request for a special use permit to establish a campground in the R-R (Rural Residential) district. The proposed 36.8-acre site is located at 394 N. NC 18 Hwy., on the east side of N.C. 18 about 2,800 feet north of its intersection with N.C. 27, in North Brook Township.
Mark Cotter
A request for a watershed special use permit to use the high-density option in the Catawba River/Lake Norman WS-IV Protected Area. The applicant is proposing to develop a 0.82-acre site for a 7,520-square-foot, two-unit building for retail sales or offices. The high-density option would allow the development to have a built-upon surface area covering up to 50 percent of the site, with the use of engineered stormwater controls. The subject property is located on the east side of N.C. 16 Business about 600 feet north of Smith Harbour Drive in Catawba Springs Township.
SR #83Ranger Island Associates, LLC
A request for waivers from Section 5.4.6.A and Section 5.6.1.A of the Unified Development Ordinance to allow the subdivision of three lots without frontage on a dedicated right-of-way built to minimum road construction standards. The request involves a 5.7-acre site located at the end of Ranger Island Marina Road in Catawba Springs Township.
SUP #439Mike RobbinsA request for a special use permit to allow outdoor storage of landscaping materials in the Eastern Lincoln Development District (ELDD) overlay district in the I-G (General Industrial) district. The 3.9-acre parcel is located on the east side of N.C. 16 Business at its intersection with Mundy Road.

Legislative Cases

Zoning Number Applicant DescriptionHearing Date
ZMA #678Chance Owens
A request to rezone a 1.66-acre lot from R-R (Rural Residential) to R-T (Transitional Residential). The property is located at 3083 Summerow Road, on the west side of Summerow Road about 1,900 feet north of its intersection with Highland Bluff Court, in Lincolnton Township.
ZMA #679Jenson Shults III
A request to rezone 2.0 acres from R-SF (Residential-Single Family) to R-T (Transitional Residential), The subject property, part of 15.5-acre tract, is located about 400 feet west of Randleman Road and 500 feet south of Reinhardt Circle in Ironton Township.
PD #2021-1Ranger Island Associates, LLCA request to rezone 11 acres from R-SF (Residential-Single Family) to PD-R (Planned Development-Residential) to permit 27 attached single-family dwelling units, either townhouses or condominiums, and three lots for single-family detached homes. The subject property is located on Ranger Island Road, Mozelle Sherrill Drive and Ranger Island Marina Road in Catawba Springs Township.

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