Tax Listing

Individual Listing
North Carolina General Statute (105-308) requires that all persons owning property that is subject to taxation must list this property annually with the exception of registered vehicles. Individual Listing Forms

Business Listing

Business personal property must be listed for tax purposes on an annual basis. Business personal property includes supplies, machinery, equipment, computers, furniture, fixtures, airplanes, farm equipment, or any other equipment used to produce income. Business Listing Forms

Motor Vehicle Listing
A registered motor vehicle does not have to be listed with the Tax Listing Office. Registering a newly purchased motor vehicle or renewing a current registration with the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles constitutes a listing for local property taxes. Motor Vehicle Listing Information

North Carolina Department of Revenue

The Department of Revenue provides many of the forms used by the county governments. To download tax forms not available on this website, click the following link: NC DOR Property Tax Forms

List Your Taxes for 2021 Information

Change of Address Form

Motor Vehicle Appeal Form

Personal Property Appeal Form

Business Personal Property Appeal Form