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COVID-19 Resources
Please Note: This page is best viewed in Google Chrome and is optimized for viewing on a desktop. 

Lincoln County recognizes the challenges imposed on our community due to COVID-19. Officials continue to work carefully and diligently to provide the best guidance and resource assistance as possible. 

This page has been assembled to provide the latest updates on information and resources available to our citizens and businesses. By working together, we as a community will remain strong.

Lincoln County Specific Data
COVID-19* as of June 5, 2020

Active Cases
Recovered Cases
  34   64            9       

* Total test numbers and negative test numbers have not been consistently reported to Lincoln County Health Department; therefore, total tested and confirmed negative test numbers cannot be verified for Lincoln County going forward. All positive test results and PUIs reported to Lincoln County Health Department will continue to be verified and communicated once received.

  • A positive active case is a person who tested positive in a commercial, state, or CDC lab and remains in isolation until cleared.
  • A positive recovered case is a person who tested positive in a commercial, state, or CDC lab but has now met the state criteria for clearance.
  • A negative case is a person that is no longer considered a PUI because they tested negative in a commercial or state lab.
  • A PUI is a person who was tested based on COVID-19 testing criteria and is self-isolating until test results are received. During the period of self-isolation, the Lincoln County Health Department provides daily contact management to all PUIs to monitor symptoms or contacts. 

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